Canine Associations

Dogs West- Dogs West (Canine Association Of WA).

PWDCA- Portuguese Water Dog Club of America

Obedience and Agility Clubs

ACWA- Agility Club of WA, For photos of Lacy doing agility training. Go to this site. Then click on the Foundation Puppy Class and scroll down.

SRDC- Southern River Obedience and Agility Dog Club.

Dog Information Sites

Where do puppies come from?- An educational website on why you should not buy a pup from a pet shop or on the internet.

Pet Rescue- Links to rescue dog profiles and shelters in Australia.

Say No To Animals In Pet Shops- More information on why buying a "cute" pup out of the pet shop window is wrong.

Dogzonline- Purebred Dogs Australia.

OptiGen- Genetic testing for inherited diseases in animals.

Professional Photographers

Animal Images Photography- Photographer Diana Andersen

Your Dog Photos- Photographer Tim Abidin.

Blitzems Photography- Photographer Jodie Grieve.