Portuguese Water Dog Information

Before getting a dog, as with any breed there are a few things to take into consideration - the size of the dog, size of your backyard, what you want the dog for, amount of time you will be home with the dog, how much training you are willing to put in and exercise (every dog should do basic obedience/puppy pre school), amount of money for upkeep- food, bedding, toys, vet bills, grooming, etc.

As Portuguese Water Dogs have a non-shedding coat they will require regular clipping.  And brushing every few days. PWD's can have either a wavy or curly coat. They can come in black, black and white, brown, or brown and white. People with allergies can usually tolerate living with a Portuguese Water Dog, but they should spend some time with an adult dog to test for allergic reactions before buying one.

Please remember I'm not trying to talk you out of getting a dog I just want to help you to see if you are able to. The cost of the dog itself is nothing compared to the cost of upkeeping the dog, as dogs live 12-14+ years. A "cheap" not well bred pup may in the long run cost you more in vet bills than the cost of getting a well bred, vet checked, parents checked for hereditary diseases, desexed (if not a show dog), registered pedigree pup.

Portuguese Water Dogs are not a dog for everyone. They are very intelligent and highly active (when they want to be). Click on these links for more information about Porties before you decide to get one.

Breed History

The Breed Standard

Genetic Diseases