"Scarlett" Theano Eva TK.S FS.S

My dad's pet "Scarlett". I have loved Frenchies for over 10 years since I first met one. When dad said he wanted a couch dog, I knew this was my chance. She is amazing and gets along with everyone. I'm looking forward to "stealing" her to do dancing with dogs and rally-o.

"Scarlett" has done her first not for competition heel work to music trial and she was amazing. She gained her first pass in heel work to music starters in 2019.

French Bulldogs are amazing. Such characters and totally adorable. She has already started working at promoting Dogs West and registered breeders at pet events and the Perth Royal Show.

In 2020 "Scarlett" gained her first working title. Her trick dog starters title. Making her the 3rd Frenchie in Australia to gain this and 1st in WA. We look forward to gaining more titles and showing how smart feral frenchies can be (when they want to be!!!).

Continuing her record breaking style. She gained her freestyle starters dancing with dogs title in May 2022. Making her the first frenchie in WA and joining only a few of her breed in Australia to have this title. She is such a superstar.